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Nicole Daly, student
Boulder, CO

"My mom sent me a gift certificate for a month of free services. She was convinced she had found the perfect gift. I"ll admit I was skeptical at first. She knows I never ask for gifts, and would prefer for her to just donate the money to Amnesty Int’l—or she usually ends up buying me books from AK Press, my favorite publisher.

So, I went online and signed up for the lifestyle package. It was amazing! As a busy student activist, I fell into the Raman noodle and Emergen-C cycle. With help from On the Left Track, I got fresh, organic groceries delivered to my door each week.   My personal shopper helped to get me a new pair of jeans and some tops from great consignment shops in town. The news delivery service was also a huge help. After feeling so disconnected from the world… On the Left Track put me back in the know."




Bob Rivers, Community Connections Boston, MA

"When I got divorced last year, I knew it was the right time for some major life changes.   I needed a new image in order to feel good about myself and feel confident at work.  I also needed to fill some gaps in my life—gaps previously filled by my wife.  I knew the home services plan was a good start.  One of the best new additions to my diet is the grass fed steak and the wild Alaskan salmon, I had no idea meat could taste so flavorful! 

With all of the driving I do with my job, we decided to sell back my SUV to the dealer, and buy a hybrid.  I did not anticipate how this would affect my public image. My clients at work look at me differently, and I think the women like it too. With the help of On the Left Track, I’ve become a new person."



Casey Tate, gallery owner
Mt. Airy, PA

"We have been using Jennifer’s babysitting services for over a year now, and have recommended her to our closest friends. With so many city council and PTA meetings, it’s nice to have a babysitter we can trust, and know that our child will not be left in front of the television. She allows Jeffrey to play his violent video games only after agreeing to read for an equal amount of time about the war in Iraq.  This approach has really helped our son become better informed about the relationship between video games and violence in the world. 

We have just planned a trip to Ecuador in the winter. We will be taking an indigenous-led tour of the Amazon for one week, hiking and learning about medicinal plants.

I can’t say enough good things about On the Left Track—it will change you forever.






Sally Warner, Merill Lynch
Short Hills, NJ

As an investment banker for 20 years, it took me about 15 before I realized I needed to start investing in myself. Now I can continue to manage my client’s portfolios, while doing the work that is needed to maintain a steadily increasing PSRI. I devoted much time to maintaining and improving my index, and I can really see the difference in my personal life.

Nonetheless, the holidays are always a stressful time, and so I decided to sign up for the holiday shopping services. I was so pleased by the selection of gifts Jennifer selected for my friends and close family.   By placing my trust in On the Left Track, I was able to find myself again. I now have less guilt about my by work, because I know I’m helping people in other ways.

Since then I let Jennifer buy all my birthday and holiday gifts--gifts I can feel good giving.  My family thinks I’ve gone crazy, but they sure don’t complain when they open the boxes."