We offer several tracks of service to best meet your needs. To find out which one is most appropriate for you, please contact us today for a free consultation.


This is our most popular track of service. After an initial consultation we will work with you to define a plan that best suits your needs and desires. Our diverse team of activists and life coaches are well suited to quickly apply their expertise to your existing lifestlye. We provide progress reports and itemized activity schedules, which we review with you each month. Sample services include: lifestyle "greening," personal shopping, news delivery, letter writing, protesting, canvassing, and more!


Our DIY track is for those more experienced or adventours. After an initial consultation, you will be trained in the use of our PSRI cards. These will help you monitor your behaviors and routine in order to increase your consciousness of daily practices. This is a great plan for college students. Download the PSRI card today! Use our model as a starting point to gain a sense of empowerment over your daily decision making. Pair up with a friend to keep the score exciting. Simple changes can really add up. Send us your weekly average each month and we'll send you a complimentary gift.


Whether you are seeking opportunities for work or play, we offer unique, once in a lifetime experiences. Currently our partners are based in South America, but we hope to expand our network soon.



Feel free to contact us by email for fast answers to difficult questions:

>>I'm embarrassed to drive my SUV to the Live Earth concert this summer, but otherwise I can't carpool and party in the lot. What should I do?

>> Are American spirits really more natural that regular cigarettes?

>> Is imported organic produce really better than conventionaly grown produce from the US?