Is there a fee for your services?

At this time there is a sliding scale fee for our Auto-track services, so that we can cover our basic costs. Your financial investment allows us to devote ourselves full time to making positive change in the world. Our PSRI card is available for your independent use, and we are happy to consult with you to get started at no fee.

Are you selling mugs or T-shirts?

Unfortunately not yet, but we hope to have a limited number of silk screen t-shirts for sale very soon. We are also working on travel mugs and bumper stickers.

Do you hire independent producers for Left Track TV?

Of course, we are happy to work with students, artists, activists, educators, DIY enthusiastists... bring us your idea and we'll work with you!

Where are you based? Do you have a limited service area?

We are based in Philadelphia, and at this time we have to limit our in home consulations to the Tri-state area. However we are happy to work with you over the phone and by email to answer your questions and offer our services as best we can. We are always looking for more regional representatives. If you think there is an interest in your area, please contact us.

Do you offer travel services within the US?

Yes we do! Although we specialize in South America because it can be difficult to access reliable travel and work networks in foreign countries, we are very well adept at navigating our way through the States as well. We work with a team of regional advisors depending on the nature of your travel goals. We specialize in off beat adventures and radical historic destinations.

Will your lifestyle services offer me dating advice?

At this time we do not offer dating services, but we are happy to offer guidance on planning a successful first date, as well as advice on how to impress your partner and rekindle your relationships. We recommend our colleagues at Democratic Singles for an online dating service. They proudly give a large percentage of their membership fees to environmental and human rights organizations.



More questions? Just ask.